Building Management

The staff of 600 West Chicago is dedicated to making your work environment as safe and pleasant as possible. The Management Office is located on the 6th floor. You can contact the Management Office at:


*Please only call this number if you are trying to reach 600 West's management office. If you are trying to reach one of the tenants in the building, please call that company directly as the management office employees are unable to transfer your call and cannot give out tenant information.

Office Hours: 
Monday through Friday | 8:30AM to 5:00PM

EQC 600 West Chicago Property LLC
CBRE, Inc.
600 West Chicago Avenue, Suite RW4
Chicago, IL 60654

The following personnel are available to address your general needs:

General Manager: Karen Gana
Real Estate Manager Tim Gilbertsen

Real Estate Services Administrator

Rachel Roth

Real Estate Services Coordinator Jessica Rzucidlo

The following personnel are available to address your engineering needs:

Chief Engineer:

Bruce Cassidy

Assistant Chief Engineer: Gary Long


Bill Hovanec
Andy Dobbs
Mark Kasper
Nick Rohrbach
Mike Kappel
Dan Kelly
Mike Campise
Brendan Walsh

The following person is available to address your security needs:

Director of Security:

Mike Carlson

Building Management
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