The building has a recycling program that was designed for your convenience. Please click here for information on the 600 West recycling program. In addition to a normal recycling program, the Building offers battery and electronic recycling.

If you have small batteries you need to get rid of, please tape the ends and throw them in the building-supplied recycling tubes outside of the Messenger Center.

Do you have old electronics that you need to get rid of? Whether they are outdated office computers or old laptops and cell phones taking up unnecessary space at home, 600 West has a safe and environmentally friendly way to dispose of them. If it is something small, please contact your approved tenant representative. He or she will enter a work order into the building’s online system, and a member of the janitorial staff will collect the item(s). If you have a large quantity of items to dispose of, your tenant representative will need to schedule a special pick up with the Management Office.